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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Full Moon Tonight!

The moonlight is dancing across the lake, cascading millions of diamonds on the water. The cicadas and frogs are competing in a cacaphonic chorus for the first time this year. Early this morning a full rainbow circled the moon. Be sure and check it out!

Then do a quick ten-minute write with the following three words (or any form of these words) in the first paragraph:

1. moon
2. dragons
3. weak

I'd love to see the results!


At 3:04 PM, Blogger Phillip Lemons said...

Evening was slipping into night with a full moon looming over the horizon. Weariness was taking his toll on my body and soul, weak from fighting dragons. I wanted so much to stop, to rest.

I looked again to see the moon had ascended its climb into the night sky. It had become so much smaller in such a short time. Kinda like those dragons. They seemed so big at first. But now, even in my exhaustion from the battle, they seem to be getting smaller.


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