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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bugs or Bigfoot?

Another excerpt from my upcoming book, "Wild Women":

“Tell me again about where you live,” Dr. Dan asked when I was pregnant with my fourth child. He sat on a stool peering over my open medical chart.

“It’s in the mountains,” I answered. “We hike a half mile from the car to the house.”

“Up hill?”


“And you have no electricity?”


“No running water.”

“A stream runs nine months of the year.”

He shook his head. “How’s the fishing?”

“Great at the lake.”

He shook his head again. “That’s incredible.”

“Not so incredible,” I answered. “I awake to a wonderland every morning, either an awesome stillness pierced with birdsong or the roar of God’s voice upon the wind.”

“So, if you’re so stress free, what’s causing your blood pressure to skyrocket?”

“Oh that,” I said. “Bigfoot.”

Dr. Dan set my chart on his knees and crossed his arms. “Bigfoot?”

“Or bugs. I’m not sure. One’s as bad as the other.”

He settled back, waiting for the rest of the story.


At 6:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Courage intertwines with fear to the point you can hardly tell or tear the two apart. Which one is retrieved and less shredded seems to lead the way. It becomes the rope to tie to your will and drag yourself forward.
I thought of courage--what keeps us from being brave is fear. And fear is waaay bigger than I first thought. Often we call it laziness. Why doesn't he/she/me lose weight/keep writing/clean out the garage/office--or do a million other things desperately demanding our attention? FEAR! Fear of failure. again. Fear of rejection. again. Fear of dying one more inch within until there is nothing left. Fear of success--the drudgery of responsibility and the expectations of "them" when we succeed.
But the death of inertia is worse than the death of failure. Soooo, obvious answer? Step forth in courage, shaking in my boots, a million voices screeching their poisonous messages, but step forth nonetheless.
And with that, excuse me, for I have a manuscript that needs some serious editing.


At 11:55 AM, Blogger Sandy Cathcart said...

Good for you! Stepping forward in spie of the fear. That is a major step. ha! Sometimes it feels like you've stepped into thin air.


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