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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Putting Down the Giants—Part V

Today we continue with Steve Hopkins message that he gave at the recent artist’s conference. This is nearing the end of the first section, but don’t worry! There’s a second section coming. These words are great encouragement for any type of artist—writer, musician, illustrator….


Lastly, Celebrate your victories.

I Samuel 17:51 tells us that after David killed Goliath, he cut off his head. It as a way of making sure Goliath was dead. But he also paraded Goliath’s head around like a trophy, for all to see that the giant was dead.

Then, David took all of goliath’s weapons and stood them up in his own tent. Every morning when David woke, he looked at them and was reminded of how God delivered him in that battle.

I am not suggesting you parade your work around, but I am suggesting that every morning you thank God for the creative gift He has given you.

One of my closest friends is the singer/songwriter, Bob Bennett.

Bob has experienced a lot of pain in his life—rejection, divorce, depression. But he has an ability to take that pain and transfer it into words and music that minister to thousands.

After his divorce, he lived alone in a small apartment away from his three children. During that time he wrote the following lyrics to the tune of “Bright Avenue.”

I hear sounds above the shuffling of my feet
As I make my way down a strange familiar street.
The Holy sound of family, their dinner’s on the way.
Will I ever be able to sit at that table again?
I did not want to be here where the future is in store,
But my name is on the mailbox and my key fits in the door.
Living in this present tense is the best that I can do.
It’s clear that I am supposed to be here…here on Bright Avenue.

If those who sow in tears will reap in joy somehow,
Then surely I am watering my fields of future now.
My feet will walk a golden street and when all is said and done,
I will be found on holy ground as a good and faithful son.
Walking toward a promise that frees this convict heart,
The Lord will never lose me and He can finish what He starts.
And when I least expect it, I believe these things are true.
It’s as if to say I am on my way from here…here on Bright Avenue.

Now, if you’ve experienced the pain of divorce, this song will minister deeply to you.

Bob was able to use his words and music to paint a very healing picture.
I am in awe of his gift.
I wish I could speak healing as clearly as he can.

Roby Duke is also a good friend of both Chris and I. Roby struggles with his flesh like all of us do. He wrote this song that has become a favorite o mine.

A soldier on the right side
Your armor suited me perfectly
And all and all I’ve done my best
To quench my imperfection
But I’ve fallen from your glory once again
So I come to you O Lord
I come just as I am
I come for love
I come for life
So take my hand
I come to you, O Lord,
I come with empty hands….

Whether writer, artist, poet, songwriter, appreciate and celebrate your unique gift.

Don’t abuse it.
Don’t quench it.
Don’t despise it.
And Don’t listen to those nut cases that call us flakey.
We need to be reliable, yes, but that’s a discipline issue not a personality issue.
Celebrate the unique skill God has given you.


Wow! I am blessed once again. Celebrate my gift? I remember that when I first starting doing art, I was delighted to get anything on paper. It was like…Wow! I did that? How fun!

But lately, I’m more like, “ugh, I can’t get what I want down on paper.”

It’s the same with my writing.
Some days I love it.
Some days I hate it.

Chris Hopkins told me that I probably won’t get down on paper what I see in my mind…but he also went on to say that I COULD get something of significance down on paper.

The thing is, we each have a unique gift and it’s a good thing to share it. And it’s a good thing to celebrate it!

I will be away the rest of the week at Wilderness Trails Camp…working with at-risk kids and doing art and taking photos. I plan to continue with Steve’s message when I return next Saturday. Until then…celebrate! Put some paint or words down on paper and choose to find delight in them. Then share them with someone who will understand what went into the making of them.


At 9:39 PM, Blogger Miss Audrey said...

Hi there. I'm Audrey. I enjoyed the series and I am looking forward to the second half. I'll be checking back.

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Great Work!!!
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