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Monday, April 17, 2006

Prayer update!

Thank you for your prayers!

Here is an update:

A plastic surgeon did a fine job on Jocelyn’s face. He will have to do a bit more later, but everyone says he did an amazing job. Jocelyn recognizes her mother and has asked about the other kids. She’s still pretty sedated, but is more able to tell the docs where she hurts. She is still covered in blood (lost a lot of blood), and is on a catheter and in a neck brace. She can move her arms and legs but they still fear she may have broken her neck, so they are taking many precautions. They suspect broken bones and still haven’t discovered the internal injury, but she is doing very well.

Shelly (the mother of Jocelyn’s friends) is still on a respirator and in critical condition.

Catherine is off the respirator and breathing on her own.

Both of Dianna’s legs and arms are broken but she is the most coherent of all the kids.

My daughter is visiting Dianna as well, because she’s in a room next to Jocelyn, and Dianna’s grandparents are at the other hospital with Shelly and Catherine.

Michael is still in critical condition but stable and asking about his sisters and Jocelyn.

All the kids have asked about one another.

I don’t understand why God allowed this accident, but I certainly see His hand of grace in it. The driver’s blood alcohol content was so high she should have been passed out. Their car was traveling 60 miles per hour and hit a fire engine that was stopped at a red light. The fire truck is totally mangled, but the firemen were buckled in and not hurt. With none of the kids wearing seat belts and as bad as it is, it could have been much worse. It’s amazing that none of the kids were thrown from the car.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger Cathy West said...

So sorry to read about this tragic accident.
Will be praying for healing and restoration.
Hang in there.
He is faithful.


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