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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sorry Sandy

Sorry, Sandy--it didn't make the cut yesterday.

Whoa . . . not the words I wanted to hear . . . and yes, I did stop and cry for a while. It was definitely a let down. But on the other hand, it wasn’t really a surprise, that’s why I e-mailed a lot of you and asked for prayer. I truly wanted the Lord’s will on this, because I’ve learned over the years that his way is the very best way, and I felt that the interested publisher (as much as I love them) wasn’t really the one to publish this manuscript.

Did I tell you that my agent was adamant that they were not the house to publish it? He was afraid the book would die there, because they didn’t have the means to market it properly. “But,” I said, “I didn’t initiate this, they did. Isn’t it possible this might be a God thing.”

My agent reluctantly said that it was possible.

So . . . it appears he was right.

But let’s not stop there. “Sorry, Sandy,” was only the beginning of the letter. And let me tell you, if any of you are fortunate enough to get a personal letter instead of a form letter rejection, listen up. There’s a lot to be learned from it. And it means something when editors take the time to give you more details. They don’t always do that.

The next words were music to my soul.

Many of us loved it--the publisher and I among them lovers--but our sales manager in particular didn't know how he would be able to market and sell the book . . . It's simply a very strong project that doesn't quite fit us.

Wow! Lovers! Don’t we all need lovers in our lives? Especially lovers of our WIPs?

And there was more. He went on to say that he and the publisher talked about it and believe that I need to go ABA with a bigger house. He even named the places that would be a perfect fit. What great encouragement. Problem is, I would need an agent to approach these bigger houses.

Okay, already, I have an agent . . . BUT . . . we haven’t been communicating well for several months . . . so, back to the tears . . . but only for a while.

Then I read the editor review. Now, let me tell you, it is super special when they like your work enough to send you the editor’s review. She loves the book and gave me some wonderful suggestions. She was very much in my camp at the committee meeting. Here’s some of what she said in her review to the committee:

This lady can write and I mean write.

Oh, hey, that doesn’t sound like a rejection. (sniff)

Then she summed up with a thought and a comparison:

Even the rocks cry out the glory of the Lord. Luke 19:40
.......................The Psalmist meets Annie Dillard.

Ahhhhhhh. She can’t possibly know how much that means to me. I was a worship leader long before I was anything else. And before I was a worship leader, I was a worshipper, like the Psalmist, singing my own songs to God on the mountaintop. And David, the Psalmist, is one of my favorite people out of the Sacred Writings (bible). I sooooo relate to him.

That alone would have been marvelous, but she went even further. This, too, she couldn’t have known. In my mind, in the pinnacle of writerdom, Annie Dillard is very very close to the top.


I had one rough day. Not only did it start with those words, “Sorry, Sandy,” but several phone calls brought other bad news regarding people I love. I wanted very much to let go and sink into depression. Normally, I would have for several days and would have had to fight it for weeks. But not so this time.

The next day I woke with those wonderful words in my mind, “The Psalmist meets Annie Dillard.” I chose to think on that all day. What a difference it made.

I e-mailed a few agent possibilities and made contact with this wonderful reviewer. She has agreed to work for me. I am soooo jazzed. With her coaching, I believe this book can be the very best it can be.

Then I started thinking about my agent, so I stopped and prayed and told God this was the last time. If my agent didn’t answer my e-mail, that was it.

He not only answered, he called me the next day, and the timing is absolutely perfect. I am so very glad, because I really love this man (in an agenterly way). He is a man of God, but very good at so many things. He is the one who told me to head out into the wilderness and seek God for the “real” Wild Women story because he believed it was a different story than what I first wrote. And my husband, The Cat Man, has believed all along that this man is the agent for me and I simply need to wait. Ugh.

He was so very right. The story, as told now, is completely different than in the beginning. In fact, I only saved one chapter out of the first rendering. And I KNOW it is on the right path. So, I told my agent that God directed even his slowness, as much as I hate to admit that.

So, instead of being depressed over the fact that my WIP is still a work in progress, I am jazzed. God has a bigger plan for me than I ever had for myself. I was content with the little publishers. Now, I have to aim for the big ones. Ah well, just like on my mission trips, I’ll keep moving forward until it is impossible to go any further.

Thanks so much for your prayers. I was afraid to ask for prayer in the beginning, because it seemed so egotistical, but I was truly afraid I wouldn’t keep on writing if this project was turned down. And I knew God wanted me to write. I truly believe it is because of your prayers that I not only have the strength to continue . . . but I am actually more energized than ever.

Please, if you think of me, continue to pray, because the next couple of months will be difficult as I attempt to achieve a higher standard than ever before. It would be so easy to end up contrived at this point.

It’s kind of like I tell my students . . . you push your writing to the very top . . . but you don’t want to go overboard. There is a fine line there that must not be crossed.

Thanks again, I appreciate you all very much!

Note: All the photos with today's blog are from last year's Colorado Christian Writers Conference. I always have such an amazing time there. The scenery is outrageous! Marlene Bagnull is one of the most encouraging directors I know; tons of editors and authors give us their very best; Marty Goetz treats us with a wonderful night of worship; Andy Scheer calls square dancing for us; and we get to choose from an incredible array of wonderful clinics and workshops. It's not too late! You can join us this year. Just visit Colorado Christian Writers Conference. and sign up. Hope to see you there!

The photo below is of my Colorado friends. Nope. I'm not in it. I'm always on the other side of the camera. Whew!


At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taste and see, savor and know, release and trust. You are so His, lady. He is working through you even as He's working in you. Keep letting Him, and you simply will not go wrong.

And I have no doubt you'll always let Him. You've tasted and seen, savored and known, released and will always trust. That leaves me with no doubt that your work will find it's perfect home.

: )

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Sandy Cathcart said...

Thanks so much Donna! I need all the encouragement I can get, and you are right God's timing is perfect and Wild Women wille eventually find it's perfect home.

Love you stopping by,


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