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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Artists and Prayer (Prayer update two)

Here is an interesting tidbit you might like to know about:

Last Thursday I fell and blew out my knee. Through Sunday evening I was only able to either stand or lie down but not sit or walk much. So, I stood in front of the easel painting my granddaughter, Jocelyn Danielle. I've been painting her for four days and praying for her the whole time.

I don't understand why God allowed this accident to happen, but I KNOW God is good, and I truly believe He had me praying for Jocelyn Danielle all weekend because He knew what was going to happen. It is amazing how he protected these children through this horrible accident. I had no idea at the time that God had me praying for a very important reason. I was simply doing what came natural . . . that's the power of the Holy Spirit.

Today’s update:

I am so thankful for the visit with my granddaughter, Jocelyn, yesterday. She looks really good and is slowly getting better. She will have a big scar across her forehead, but it’s more to the left and won’t be a bad thing at all. She also can’t move her eyebrows because a nerve may have been severed, but she’s just as cute as ever. I visited with her friend, Dianna, too. It was really hard seeing these little broken bodies trying to be so brave, but I could really see the grace of God. I gave her a copy of my friend, Jeannie St. John Taylor's book, Am I Trusting? It's a very good book for children who are going through difficult things. It's a bit young for Jocelyn, but she plans to read it to her little sis.

Michael is home with his grandparents now. Catherine is still in ICU. Dianna will probably be going home to her grandparents today in a wheelchair, and we’re hoping Jocelyn may be able to go home today as well.

Jocelyn keeps throwing up and they won’t let her go home until she can hold some food down. She was able to get up yesterday and walk twice, but threw up both times.

The mother Shelley is still on a respirator and things don’t look good for her. She used to walk with the Lord, so please continue to lift her up in prayer as well as for the healing of these precious kids and extra strength for the grandparents. The grandparents live in Salem and the kids’ home is in Vancouver, WA, so the kids are sad about being so far from their friends and school.

Jocelyn’s mom and dad (Michelle and Dave) need lots of prayer too, as they have a very full house with a couple of special-needs children and Jocelyn will need a lot of tender care when she returns home.

Thanks very much for your prayers. These kids are doing exceptionally well for what they have been through.



At 1:25 PM, Blogger Katy said...

Oh, my goodness! Praying for the whole situation and each person involved!


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