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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Final Prayer Update!

Wow! Your prayers have been heard and answered in a big way. I am absolutely astonished. Even the policeman that was first on the scene said that it was miraculous that no one was killed in this accident, and he can't believe that everyone has come out of it so well. In all his years on the force he has never seen an accident this bad come out this good!

Except for a stiff upper body, Jocelyn Danielle is acting like a normal kid again. It’s amazing. Michael and Katherine are home with their grandparents and Dianna is in a nearby foster home where they can care for her special needs while she is in a wheelchair and until her hip heals. The driver/mother, Shelley, is off the respirator, awake, and home! That’s right! Home! Goodness! For a long while, it looked like she wouldn’t make it.

Thank you very much for your prayers. Please continue to pray as the Lord leads for healing, physically, spiritually, and emotionally of these precious kids and Shelley.

Pray for Shelley (the mother) to accept the help that is being offered her in order to heal from her problem with alcohol.

The entire incident has caused all involved to think more seriously about their relationship with God. It has certainly been a wake-up call, and a lot of people have offered help. My daughter Michelle and her husband Dave are thinking that this may be a good time to follow God more closely!

This will be my last post on this situation unless something urgent comes up. Thanks very much for standing with us. Your encouragement means a lot.


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